Thursday, 6 March 2014


Was going to blog about it but this explains it better! Our lovely holiday -

With love and light xo

Dear Alice and Violet - 35 months and 6 months!

Girls - I'm afraid it's been a couple of months! Life is a little more (massive understatement!) hectic now you're both around and want entertaining, so this is the first time I've sat down to write in ages. Coupled with the fact that Alice poured squash on my laptop - accidentally of course - means I'm a little behind.

Untitled Untitled

Dear Violet,

You are 5 months old, and will be 6 months in 2 days! Half a year - where on earth has the time gone? It literally feels like you've been here seconds, but I also can't imagine a time without you.

22.01.2014 09.01.2014 - Bumbo time

Last time I wrote your sleep was okay-ish, but for the past few months it really hasn't been! We've been bouncing around between every 45 minutes, every hour, and sometimes every 2 hours. Lack of sleep has hit harder this time, as I can't really have any down time in the day looking after your sister, and I've definitely found it difficult. But, this time I also know that it will get better and you will sleep eventually. For now I'm just trying to at least appreciate some bed snuggles, although my appreciation is a lot lower at 3am ;)

Having said that, you do have a bit of a routine down now, going to bed at 7pm every night and getting up at 5 (urrggggg) every morning, with 2/3 naps a day. Your naps aren't super set as they have to fit round Alice and what we're doing, and I try and sneak a sleepy cuddle when I can!

We have just started food these past few days, and you are literally loving it. We're doing a mix of homemade mush and BLW like last time, and you have really started to get the hang of it - the only time you seem annoyed is when it isn't going into your mouth quick enough! This week you've been trying carrot, sweet potato, cauliflower, broccoli, apple, blueberry, rice cakes, porridge, banana, fromage frais, and toast. Here's hoping perhaps the food will encourage a little better sleep at night!

Cauliflower face! 17.01.2014 - Someone loves the bath!

You are rolling over constantly and get completely frustrated when you get on your front and decide you can't roll back. You're very chilled out, as long as someone is paying you attention. When you're not being occupied by something or someone you grizzle and moan. You loooove the door bouncer, and would spend about 90% of your time in there if I let you. You also love listening to me and your singing (poor you!) and playing peekaboo.


You were Christened on the 9th February, which was a lovely day and we were so lucky to be surrounded by so many people who love you and care for you. It was quite overwhelming to appreciate just how lucky and blessed we are.


You're becoming much more like a little person every day, and Alice completely dotes on you, and you her. She tries anything to make you laugh, and luckily you find her hilarious! I just hope you always enjoy each others company so much.

So, onto your big sister -

13.02.2014 21.02.2014

Dear Alice,

You are now 34/35 months old - or nearly 3 as I remember it!

Wow how big are you now? Both physically and in person - you are completely my big lovely girl.

You want to be involved in anything and everything that someone else is doing, and always want to be "helpful". You help me do everything, from set the table to wash the pots, and it takes me ten times as long to make lunch now. You're current most said words are "I will do it I will do it" because you get super frustrated if someone tries to help you. This generally means your shoes are on the wrong feet and your hat is on backwards but you're trying.

05.03.2014 - We Made Cookies Untitled

You love baking and cooking, and you play so nicely now (some of the time!). It's really sweet to see you playing with your animals and making them talk to each other and have different voices. Generally everyone ends up on the toilet because you think that's hilarious but that's fair enough!

You still love singing, but now you like changing the words and making your own words up to songs. You actually have a brilliant ear for a tune and for rhyming words. Current favourites are Ants Went Marching, Found a Peanut, Spaghetti song and Hokey Cokey. We have the radio on a lot in the day and you're forever getting me up and dancing, and you spin till you fall over.

26.02.2014 01.03.2014

You are now 99% toilet trained in the day, and as a I write this we've not had an accident in weeks - hurrah! You still wear a pull up at night but that's fine. We also have to sing the poo poo song. I'm sure you will be glad to know this when you're 21!

Food-wise you are ace. You help me prepare most things, and you loooove your fruit and veg. Current faves are sweet peppers, raspberries, cheese wrappers (as you call them), rice, and raw carrot.  You also love haribo of course.

You still have a nap once a day for about 90 mins, and go to sleep really nicely at 7pm, although you are up at 6am, although you sometimes sit in your room for a little while playing dolls house.

21.01.2014 24.01.2014

You can walk for miles, and hate going in the car. This often leads to a massive screaming fit if we have to go somewhere we can't walk to, and you've most definitely mastered the art of the tantrum.

You completely dote on your sister - she is the last thing you talk about at night and the first thing in the morning. You kiss her and hold her and stroke her and are far too rough with her, but I just can't believe how incredibly sweet you can be for her sometimes. Alice you will always be my baby, but to see you look after your little sister just makes you seem so huge to me.

30.01.2014 - "I'm telling baby Violet all my secrets mummy" 05.01.2014

Both of you are amazing, as always, although it's been a tricky few months! Here's hoping for more sleep, more cuddles, and more of the same all round.

With love and light xo

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Dear Alice and Violet - 32 months and 3 months!

I've finally found time to write this, although it's taken me about a week over various naptimes!


Dear Violet,

Happy Quarter Birthday! Where on earth has the time gone?!

You were weighed a few weeks ago and are now exactly 13lbs so have put on weight well! You are also very long like your big sister was, and are out of most of your 3-6 month vests and baby grows - sad times!


You are now smiling, talking, and cooing away like a little angel! I love the smiles we get first thing in the morning. I enjoy the smiles at 3am considerably less ;)

You are doing okay with your sleep - you have definitely discerned the difference between night and day, and sometimes we have a good few hours in a row - a couple of times we've had 5/6 hours in a row which is ace! Last night you were less good, but you are only a baby. I think we're going to have to move out of your basket soon and into the cot though, just because of how long you are.


One of your favourite things at the moment is still the bath, and you love splashing and kicking away. You are also taking in all the Christmas lights and decorations, and love to look around. You hate being held like a baby and would much rather be inspecting the room or bouncing around.

You've had 2 sets of jabs, both of which upset you a little bit but I know they're needed. Alice held your hand for the last set of jabs and then kissed you better when you started crying which about melted me.

Untitled Untitled

You are developing your little body, kicking away, lifting your neck and wiggling around at any opportunity! If I leave you on the changing mat and turn around you 2 feet away a few minutes later. You've also got tons quicker with your feeding and much more spaced out - we're on maybe once every 3 hours now and for about 15 minutes as opposed to only stopping once every 3 hours!

I am trying to snap lots of pictures but feel a bit of a failure - when you look back when you're older I apologise in advance that there aren't as many pictures of you!!

Hello little pumpkin! Tricky treat as Alice says!

So onto your sister -

Dear Alice,

You seem to have shot up a lot lately, and we've had to move you up in lots of clothes. I've just weighed you, and you are now 2stone 6lbs, but you seem to have slimmed down a lot and lost all of your toddler-ness - you now look like a little girl, and a beautiful one at that!

Alice helping! Untitled

The past few weeks have all been about Christmas! This is the first year where you really get the concept of Christmas and santa, so we have been doing lots of christmas decorations / cards and games. Yesterday we made salt dough decorations, and today we've done painting and glittering paper plates, and tomorrow is paper chains with some card we've decorated.

You wrote a letter to Santa and got a card back which you were very excited about. We're also going to see him on Monday, which I think I'm probably more excited about than you. I cannot wait to see you on Christmas this year, although I imagine you'll open everything within about 10 seconds.

My angel - courtesy of @daynajo91 :) Also - Alice's cheese face leaves little to be desired.
Painting again today! Biscuits

You've been helping me do some baking with some success, and some massive toddler melt downs because I wouldn't let you lick the flour of the floor.

The toddler melt downs have seemed a little less frequent this month after a tricky few weeks. I think your maybe just adjusting to sharing me, and you hate staying in during the winter - you'd much rather be going mental running round a park.

However, you have now discovered the wonder of films, and are a bit obsessed with Netflix. Your current favourite is The Wild which I've now seen about ten million times, and you also love Aliceland as you call it!

You're still having a nap and sleeping from about 7pm - 6am. Please don't drop your nap. Please!

"Mummy I found your lipstick and now I'm a beautiful lady" Cuddles

You completely dote on your little sister, and are forever stroking her and kissing her and trying to hold her. It's so lovely but you can be a little heavy handed!


One of your favourite things at the moment is story time - you want me to tell you a story, ideally when hiding under a blanket or hiding in our bed. We do it every night while Violet is having her bath, and you help me tell the story while sneaking me kisses. It is quite possibly my favourite time of the day, even though you only every want one of 3 stories (Goldilocks, 3 Pigs, or Billygoats Gruff)

I can't wait for Christmas with the both of you, we love you so so much.

With love and light xo

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Some little videos of life lately...

With love and light xo

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dear Alice and Violet - 30 months and 1 month!


Dear Alice, and now - Dear Violet too!

I've been writing letters every month, but I'm afraid Violet that they may be a little less frequent with you! I barely seem to have time to breathe, let alone write on here. But, today is a rainy day and Sarah and Duck on the telly is giving me a bit of time. Thankyou Sarah and Duck!

Okay so Alice first - this has been a big few months for you!

Dear Alice,

You are now 30 months old, or 2 1/2. You are growing out of a lot of your 2-3 clothes, and seem to have shot up a little these past few weeks.


The first big change has obviously been you adjusting to life as a big sister. I spent many sleepless pregnant nights worrying how you'd be - would you act out? Would you be incredibly jealous? Would you try to break her? It turns out I should never have worried. You have been absolutely amazing!


Violet is the first thing you ask for in the morning and the last person you want to speak to at night. You want to cuddle her and hold her all the time (sometimes a little too hard but that's okay!). You like telling me all about her tiny little fingers, and you love to tell me she's a "tiny baby piggy".

You like helping me change her nappy and telling everyone "I'm very useful!", and you tell me when she needs "more milkies mummy". You stroke her head while she's feeding and you rock her in her chair (again sometimes a little too hard!) and you are altogether amazing. Whether that will all change when she's mobile and can get in your toys we will see but you are the best big sister I could ever ask for.


The other big development over the past few weeks has been potty training! We are now in week 3 and getting better every day (although apparently not today if my damp sofa is anything to go by!). It's still a little up and down but you are doing really well at telling me when you need to go etc. It has made us a bit like hermits for the past few weeks while we try and stay close to a toilet, but we're getting back into the swing of things now!

Untitled Untitled

You are still sleeping really well thankfully, and you now wake up at 6am but play in your room with your toys / books till 7. You have generally completely destroyed it by the time I walk in but that's fine!

You have started telling much more elaborate stories, with characters that have conversations in different voices and have different opinions. I keep trying to film you doing it because it's hilarious! At the moment it's normally Shaun the Sheep talking to Tom (who is a dragon) and mummy pig. Normally mummy pig is telling you to do something you don't want to do - a bit like real life I suppose?

You also want to play games all the time now - hide and seek and eye spy particularly. Unfortunately, you only understand some of the rules, and for eye spy you can't spell, but that makes the game more interesting!

Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled

We have started a bit of a new family tradition of unplugged family time on a Sunday morning. If it's nice weather we go for a walk, and if it's not we take you swimming with daddy's gym pass. It's sort of my way of making sure you still get lots of attention, even if I'm a little distracted with Violet in the week!

I'm also going to try and take you to a ballet class on Saturday morning so we will see how that goes - hopefully you love it and don't have a complete melt down!

Okay, so on to your little sister.


Dear Violet,

I apologise in advance that I'm afraid your letters and going to be shorter and more sporadic than your sisters' - it's not that I love you any less it's just I'm a little stretched!

There was one in the bed... Untitled

You are now 5 weeks old, which has absolutely zooooomed by.

You have grown so much already. I haven't had you weighed since you were about 3 weeks old, but you seem so huge already. You outgrew your newborn things in about a week, and I think you've only got a week or so left in your 0-3 clothes. You seem to grow huge amounts every night - I'm tempted to keep you in the dark so you stay my tiny baby forever!

Literally the most adorable thing I've ever seen ever. How I feel!

You sleep like a baby. That's my standard response to anyone who asks! You wake up every hour or couple of hours for feeds and cuddles, but that's fine - you take all you need little one. That doesn't mean I'm not tired, but you're a lovely face to wake up to!

We've got the hang of feeding again, and you feed really well - as evidenced by your size!

Untitled Untitled

You are getting more alert and spending more time awake every day. When you're awake your eyes are big, blue and bright - following our voices and looking straight at us. I keep telling daddy that you're smiling but he doesn't believe me. I can tell when you're happy as your eyes change and you just look different - it makes my heart beam.

You love both your bouncy chair and rocking swing, and will quite happily doze in them while I try and entertain your sister. However she does try and feed you chocolate so we have to watch her quite carefully! You also like being in the Moby wrap, and tend to snuggle and sleep in it which is lovely and gives me chance to explorer with Alice!

Untitled Untitled

No matter how wound up you are, you always calm down for bath time with your big sister, and that's my favourite time of the day with daddy too. We all go in the bathroom and listen to music and dance, and it's lovely.

You are quite content aslong as you have been fed and cuddled, what more can I ask for?

I am so lucky to have both of you, no matter how tricky it might be figuring everything out. We love you both so much.

With love and light xo